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Poudre Canyon Fire Protection District provides its members with training and sufficient protective equipment to function properly in an emergency setting. We make every effort to provide a safe working environment. However, the inherent risks of emergency services mandate that we can’t guarantee total safety all the time. It is important that the candidate understands these risks and the commitment necessary to function with our organization.

Rescue of person in car in river
Rescue of person in vehicle near the river

A member of the Poudre Canyon Fire Protection District is commonly required to perform in severe conditions. These include extreme heat, cold, smoky, or toxic conditions at any hour of the day or night. A member may be required to perform strenuous physical activities including heavy lifting, pulling, or pushing. A member may be required to enter burning or unstable areas and extreme terrain in order to perform rescue, EMS, or extinguishment activities.

Critical patients are sent by helicopter to the hospital.

In addition to the above, on EMS (ambulance) calls the member may be confronted with hostile or violent patients. Some may require physical restraint. On EMS or rescue calls, the firefighter could also be exposed to communicable diseases, and blood or body fluids.

Members of this district must never respond to calls or training under the influence of alcohol, illicit, or prescription substances, or medications that could impair judgment or performance. These medications include but are not limited to antipsychotics, tranquilizers & narcotic pain relievers.

The member is required to attend practical and classroom training sessions as specified by the district to attain a required level of competency. It is expected that members will put in a minimum of 36 hours of training per year.

The member will function within the framework of the organization. This includes following orders from superior officers, maintaining patient confidentiality, and always acting in the best interests of the Poudre Canyon Fire Protection District.

If you are interested in joining the department, please complete and submit the online application below.

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