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Due to the uniqueness of the long narrow canyon with the river and steep canyon walls and having to be prepared for a variety of emergency types, the district volunteers participate in various trainings and respond to different emergencies. Here are photos of a few of these events from January 1.

Sunday, June 23, was unusually busy.  In the last 10 years, PCFPD's highest single-day call volume was 4.  On Sunday, June 23, the district had 7 calls with 5 of them in the lower canyon.  We even caught a break when dispatch sent Jackson County to a call at the Zimmerman Lake trailhead instead of us. 

This is shaping up to be a long summer, and there are a lot of people out there who want to come to the Canyon and do crazy stuff (who would think that a moonlight kayak ride on the Poudre is a good idea).

A big THANK YOU to all who responded.

Upper Poudre Canyon Blood Drive 
Two people smiling at a blood donation event with a call to action to donate blood.

Dear Upper Canyon Neighbor,

Blood and blood products are a critical part of everyday medical care. Car accident and blood loss victims alone may need transfusions of 100 units or more of red blood cells.

Lifesaving blood offers second chances and many tomorrows to those who depend on it. Please join us at our blood drive on 07/19/2024 at 10:30 AM. You'll feel incredible knowing you could be saving up to three people's lives.

Schedule your appointment now.

Make your appointment today to donate at:

      Upper Poudre Canyon Association


      10:30 AM to 02:30 PM

       33689 Poudre Canyon Road, BELLVUE, CO 80512

       Upper Poudre Canyon Association

       Upper Poudre Canyon Community -- 1005601

Multiply your impact on patients with the Vitalant Refer a Friend Program. Many people say they never donated blood because they've never been asked. You can help by making that personal ask. Find out more here.

Don't forget! Save up to 20 minutes on your visit by filling out your Fast Track Health History questionnaire online the day you donate. You may also access Fast Track from your donor account as long as you have an appointment scheduled and it's the day of your donation.

Visit Vitalant's website for more information on preparing for your donation and the donation process.
Because of you, life doesn't stop. If you'd like to schedule an appointment or have any questions, please call or email me.

Warmest regards,
Brenda Bliss, 970 881-2209

Thank you for transforming lives with Vitalant.

Your Mitigation Efforts Can Help the District 

Your mitigation efforts on your property help to make your property more resilient to wildfires, but did you know your efforts could also help the fire district? Your time is worth $34/hour in matching funds for several of the grants the fire district has received. We just need you to inform us on what you've done and how much time you've spent. You can use the following form or e-mail Bette with this information:

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Poudre Canyon Wildfire Community Alliance 
Our ambassadors providing mitigation suggestions

Poudre Canyon Wildfire Community Alliance

Greetings from the Poudre Canyon Wildfire Community Alliance!  We want to inform residents about a new initiative the fire district is coordinating. Let’s take a few moments to spell out exactly what we will and won’t be doing and to see if you would be interested in participating in this program.

What this program is: 

Poudre Canyon Fire Protection District is affiliating with Larimer County to conduct Wildfire Mitigation Inspections of the properties within our fire district.

This program will benefit both property owners and the fire district.

Property owners will be provided information at no charge, on their wildfire risk assessment, what mitigation resources are out there, what matching funding is present, and what tax credits are available for conducting mitigation work.

This program will help the fire district meet the objectives set out in our Community Wildfire Protection Program. It helps us know what grants to apply for that will benefit residents. It helps us better understand specific risks at a given property BEFORE we go out there on a call.

What this is NOT: 

This is not a list of requirements; it is an educational experience that will empower homeowners to take strategic action to make their homes more wildfire-resilient.

Home Ignition Zone Reports are not shared with any insurance company or unaffiliated 3rd party unless the homeowner chooses to share their own report. The results of the assessment are for the property owner to do with as he or she feels fit. For example, if a property owner acts upon the suggestions in their report, they can request a follow-up assessment where they could earn a certificate of completion from the Larimer County Wildfire Partners Program. The property owner could then use that certificate as a value-added resource if he or she were to ever sell their property. Property owners could also use their certificate of completion and the included Homeowner's Insurance Conversation Guides to discuss coverage options with their agent BEFORE a fire occurs.

These assessments will NOT be unsolicited. You will need to invite the assessor onto your property. The safety and comfort of the assessors and property owners alike are paramount. We will be doing outreach programs and events to encourage property owners to invite us to do assessments.

What we’re looking for: 

We’re looking for properties to assess! This is a win-win proposal for any property owner in the district: You better understand the fire risks around your home and Poudre Canyon Fire better understands the risks within our district.

To sign up to have your home assessed and/or to become a Poudre Canyon Wildfire Safety Ambassador, contact:
Greg Venette. His email is and his phone number is 970 881-2112.

 You will have to sign the following two agreements to participate in the program:

Wildfire Partners Program Agreement and PCFPD Assessment Agreement -  copies can be found at


Complete this form with your information if you want someone to contact you about the program.

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Grants for the Poudre Canyon Fire District 

Colorado State Forest Service Grant

The district is in the final year of a Colorado State Forest Service grant. This grant allowed the district to purchase a second large chipper for use in the upper canyon and the grant provided matching funding to assist homeowners in removing hazardous trees from around their homes.


Community Wildfire Defense Grant

PCFPD is one of the participating agencies in the Red Feather Lakes Area Wildfire Defense Project - Community Wildfire Defense Grant (CWDG). This grant should bring in funds to help homeowners with mitigation projects. Here is the release from Larimer County Emergency Services which is leading the program:

Red Feather Lakes Area Wildfire Defense Project June 2024 update.pdf

The district could participate in this program because it updated its Community Wildfire Protection Plan in 2023.


Poudre Canyon Wildife Community Alliance Grant

PCFPD also received a  Colorado State Forest Service grant to help us develop and coordinate our Poudre Canyon Wildfire Community Alliance. This grant requires us to provide a match which can be done with homeowners' labor. This is where your mitigation efforts can help us provide the matching dollars for this grant.

PCFPD will receive $20,000 from the National Forest Foundation as part of the Colorado State Forest Service grant match.


Community Area Mitigation Grant

UPCA received a grant to mitigate the area around the firehouse/community room and the church. This mitigation will remove some of the trees. If you need trees for firewood, some will be available for people to take on a first come basis. Remember, fresh trees should be left to dry out for about a year in order for them to make good firewood.


Mitigation Tool-lending Grant

The district also got a grant to establish a mitigation tool-lending system. Pole saws, chain saws,  and other equipment will be available for checkout. Sean McWilliams has agreed to be the 'tool librarian'. Please contact Sean, if you are interested in using any of these tools. His email is: and his phone number is 970 618-0198. Training will also be provided if you want to use this equipment. A chainsaw training class is scheduled for August 21st.

We need a shed or enclosed trailer to store this equipment, if you have something that might work for storage and are willing to donate it to the district, please contact Hugh Collins at 970 881-2902 or If you would be willing to help us build a shed, please let Hugh know.

Firewood Bank 

A firewood bank is similar to a food bank. Only it allows people who burn wood to heat their homes to obtain firewood easily. The district is seeking people who enjoy splitting firewood and want to help their neighbors to help us establish a firewood bank. If you would be interested in helping, please fill out the form below. Thank you.

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Need Seedling Trees to Reforest Burned Areas? 

Please find the attached Restoring Colorado’s Forest Fund (RCFF) application which opens today July 1st and closes on September 30th. The RCFF program is meant to provide no-cost seedlings to landowners who have lost forested acres through large-scale disturbances, mainly forest fires.


For landowners within the CSFS Fort Collins Field Office area, please submit completed applications to by close of business on September 30th for the required consultation with a CSFS Forester.


Approved applicants from this round (July 1st – September 30th, 2024) should expect to receive their seedlings in Spring 2025 (April-May). Note that landowners who applied to RCFF in 2023 may also be receiving seedlings in Spring 2025 and do not need to apply again.


More information can be found on the CSFS Nursery webpage here.


Max Erickson

Supervisory Forester

Fort Collins Field Office

Colorado State Forest Service



Please share this email with your neighbors. We want to put them on our email list to receive news from our district. Please ask them to complete this form:

Send the Poudre Canyon Fire District your email address:

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Have a happy and safe Fourth of July

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