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Poudre Canyon Wildfire Community Alliance

Wildfire safety ambassador looking for areas on the eves of the house.

Poudre Canyon Wildfire Community Alliance


Greetings from the Poudre Canyon Wildfire Community Alliance!  We want to inform residents about a new initiative the fire district is coordinating. Let’s take a few moments to spell out exactly what we will and won’t be doing and to see if you would be interested in participating in this program.


What this program is: 

Poudre Canyon Fire Protection District is affiliating with Larimer County to conduct Wildfire Mitigation Inspections of the properties within our fire district.


This program will benefit both property owners and the fire district.


Property owners will be provided information at no charge, on their wildfire risk assessment, what mitigation resources are out there, what matching funding is present, and what tax credits are available for conducting mitigation work.


This program will help the fire district meet the objectives set out in our Community Wildfire Protection Program. It helps us know what grants to apply for that will benefit residents. It helps us better understand specific risks at a given property BEFORE we go out there on a call.

What this is NOT: 

This is not a list of requirements; it is an educational experience that will empower homeowners to take strategic action to make their homes more wildfire-resilient.

Home Ignition Zone Reports are not shared with any insurance company or unaffiliated 3rd party unless the homeowner chooses to share their own report. The results of the assessment are for the property owner to do with as he or she feels fit. For example, if a property owner acts upon the suggestions in their report, they can request a follow-up assessment where they could earn a certificate of completion from the Larimer County Wildfire Partners Program. The property owner could then use that certificate as a value-added resource if he or she were to ever sell their property. Property owners could also use their certificate of completion and the included Homeowner's Insurance Conversation Guides to discuss coverage options with their agent BEFORE a fire occurs.

These assessments will NOT be unsolicited. You will need to invite the assessor onto your property. The safety and comfort of the assessors and property owners alike are paramount. We will be doing outreach programs and events to encourage property owners to invite us to do assessments.


What we’re looking for: 

First and foremost, we’re looking for properties to assess! This is a win-win proposal for any property owner in the district: You better understand the fire risks around your home and Poudre Canyon Fire better understands the risks within our district.

We need assessors (aka Poudre Canyon Wildfire Safety Ambassadors)!  Consider helping your neighbors and community better prepare for fire risks. We anticipate that with good outreach, the need for ambassadors within the canyon district will only grow. With approximately 650 properties within the district, this program will likely stretch over several years. We provide training. Our ambassadors will be covered by the fire district’s insurance.





To sign up to have your home assessed and/or to become a Poudre Canyon Wildfire Safety Ambassador, contact:
Greg Venette. His email is and his phone number is 970 881-2112.

 You will have to sign the following two agreements to participate in the program:

Wildfire Partners Program Agreement and PCFPD Assessment Agreement


Complete this form with your information if you would like someone to contact you about the program.

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